Jay Ernest from Church of Cash to Play Summer Jamboree, Senigallia, Italy

Jay Ernest to play a special show called “Cash ’58” at Summer Jamboree on August 1, 2023. Backed up by the world touring, Don Diego Trio, Ernest will be playing a set full of early hits from Cash’s career. Here is a brief description of the festival:

Ten days of 40s and 50s American dream incorporate the whole of Senigallia, from the historic town centre to the scenic sea front…

Concerts, street food, dance floors, record hops, the Rockin’ Village Vintage Market, and the Oldtimers are all located within 21.000 mq of the town centre in Piazza Garibaldi, at the Foro Annonario, the Rocca Roveresca, in Piazza del Duca, and in Piazza Simoncelli.

On the beach you will find the Beach-side Record Hop and the Hawaiian Beach to start the day with crazy music and the Rotonda a mare which hosts the infamous after-parties, and the Dance Camp.

Even the Theatre is involved as the Teatro La Fenice in the centre of town proudly presents the Burlesque Show with a sizzlingly sensual performance (with a sense of humour) that will hot-up this steamy summer Friday night.

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